Where and when the event will be held?

EpicCon will be the 9th -10th and 11th of December 2016 at Frankfurt’s Exhibition Centre (Germany).

Where will be possible to buy tickets?

By the ticket offices, which will be opened by 9 A.M., and online. Buying online will give you discounts and no queue whatsoever.

Which kind of tickets and subscriptions will be available?

Ordinary tickets will be available. See Link.

Will any discounts be applied for some categories (cosplayers, people with disabilities, kids)?

Whoever has disabilities pay a reduced ticket, helper can join for free. Kids under 10 year won’t pay but who’s under 13 years old must go with an adult. I.D. controls might happen.

Will tickets be nominal or will be possible to buy more than one a person?

Tickets won’t be nominal, you can buy them for someone else.

I’ve bought a ticket but I can’t attend EpicCon anymore. Can I get a refund or sell it?

You can’t have a refund but you can give it or sell it to a friend, is not nominal.

Can I get out the convention and in again?

Yes. But tickets must be shown and scanned everytime you get in or out.

Which advantages has the online ticket?

1. Price is lower than normal ticket
2. No queue, just the one at the entrance.
3. In case tickets will be gone, you will have yours.
Buying online is the best!

If a guest won’t be present, for any reason, will be possible to have a full refund?

It will be possible to have a refund of everything related at that specific guest or panel, but not the standard ticket.

Will be possible to buy a panel ticket or any other guests activity without buying a standard ticket?

No, it’s not possible. Standard ticket allows you to enter the conventions, no matter which extra you bought. Without a standard ticket you won’t be allowed at any stand.

What is included in my ticket’s price?

You can check the details about every kind of available tickets and what comes with inside the “tickets” section of our site.

I’ve bought a standard ticket. Can I buy an extra to upgrade it?

Yes. Check the “tickets” section on our site for all the informations you need.

Will be possible to buy extras at ticket offices?

Only the panel ones.

On the online store some kind of tickets went out of stock. Will be possible to buy it on site?

No. But they might come back available if some guest will decide to give more hours to its activities. We suggest you to check often our site.


How do I get to the exhibition centre?

You can find all the directions you need here.

Is there a car park next to the exhibition centre? Where can I park my car?

Yes, the exhibition centre has a specific car park.

There will be a coat-room?

Yes. It cost 1,50€.

There will be a smoking area inside the convention?

No. Smoking will be allowed only outside.

Will taking pictures and video be available during the convention and its events?

Merchandise Area

Will be possible to now which exhibitors will be present at the convention?

Yes. A map will be present there with all the current exhibitors.

At stands, will be possible to pay with credit/debit card?

Yes, but not every stand will be equipped to get card payments therefore we suggest you to bring cash as well.

Will be possible to buy food and drinks inside the exhibitors area?

Yes. You will find a lot of alternatives for all different tastes at our Food Area. Find more checking the specific page on our site.

Guests & Events

Where can I find a detailed programme about all the events held at EpicCon?

Keep following our site and our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram pages. We will announce all the events as soon as they are confirmed. Few days before the convention starts will be available a .pdf file with the whole programme in it.

When guests will be announced?

As long as we get confirmation and we are 100% sure we will make an announcement. Keep checking our site to be always up do date.

Where can I find a detailed programme about all the events held at EpicCon?

Keep following our site and our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram pages. We will announce all the events as soon as they are confirmed. Few days before the convention starts will be available a .pdf file with the whole programme in it.

Which kinds of guests will be present?

We will have the honour to have with us cosplayers, prop makers, actors, mangakas, gamers, videogames’ authors and youtubers.

During which days guests will be present?

Each guest will have a specific presence schedule. To be sure not to miss anything, take a look at the guest’s personal page. Remember to check those pages often, they keep getting updated.

What shall I do to be sure I will meet the guest I’m interested in?

Check our programme and the guest’s personal page, you will find all the informations about panels, Meet&Greet, photo sessions and autographs. All the costs and instructions to buy tickets will be there as well.

How can I sign at one of the events that will be held at EpicCon?

You can find all the informations you need in the “Events” page in our site.

I’ve got a ticket for a specific event and I’d like a friend of mine (which has a normal ticket) to come with me. Is it possible?

No. Whoever wants to attend a specific event must have the specific ticket.

How do panels work?

Panels are conferences where will be possible to listen and talk with a guest. Seats are limited and allow the audience to have a near look at the guest and ask questions.

How do Meet&Greet work?

Meet&Greet are proper meetings with actors. Seats are VERY limited and allow public to have a quick chat with the guest, get a picture and ask for an autograph.

How do photo and autograph sessions work?

Each guest will be available for one or more sessions during the which will sign autograph and get pictures with whoever has bought the specific ticket.

To get a photo or an autograph of one or more guest is it mandatory to buy a specific ticket?

Yes. It is needed to buy the proper ticket.

Is it possible to get a group picture with different guests?

Yes, if they are all from the same series/movie.

I have bought a ticket for a specific guest. Can I let other persons to join in my picture?

Yes, but they must’ve bought the proper ticket.

Can I give a present at a guest?

Yes. But that guest’s security will decide either to accept it or not.

If I meet a guest around the convention, can I stop it?

No. Keep in mind that every guest will always have bodyguards which won’t let him stop because security reasons. To be sure to meet it buy a ticket to its panel.

Can I ask a specific guest to be invited?

Suggestions are always welcomed therefore send yours through our Facebook page. However we can’t assure we will invite him/her this time. Perhaps you will have a surprise the next year!

On your site some kind of tickets are out of stock. Will be possible to buy them on site?

No, but they might get back available if the guest will have more activities hours. We suggest you to check often.


There will be a cosplay competition?

There will be competitions during the whole three days. For all the informations check the specific area on our site.

There will be any selection to join the competitions?

Yes. Friday and Sunday’s competitions will have a selection. Saturday’s one will be free for everyone. Check the rules at this link.

Do I have to be over 18 to attend the competition?


Will be possible to join Saturday’s competition at the convention?

No. You can do in online only.

There will be a dedicated changing room for cosplayers?

Yes. Changing room (male/female) will be placed next to the stage where the challenge will happen.

Where can I find the competition’s guideline?

Inside the “Cosplay” section in our site.

Other questions

I’m an exhibitor. How can I attend at EpicCon?

In the “Exhibitors” area you will find the form to get in touch with us.

I’m an exhibitor. When can I get my pass to enter the convention and set up my stand?

At all the registered exhibitors a guideline with all the answers you need will be sent.

I’ve have a question which is not includes in this list. What can I do?

Fill the form down here and send us your question. We will be glad to answer as soon as possible!

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