Photo by Calssara

Elffi is a Finnish cosplayer who lives in the middle of the Finnish forest with his tortoise, Kippe.
He has been active in the cosplay community since 2006, and has made over 35 costumes through the years.

He loves to build armor and cosplay accessories, and to discover new building and manufacturing techniques.

His talent and efforts have earned him the right to represent Finland at the 2011 World Cosplay Summit in Japan.

Since then, he has been receiving regular invitations to speak and to judge cosplay contests at conventions.

He has been a guest lecturer, panelist and judge in more than 25 countries and 50 conventions all over the world.

He loves to travel and meet fans and fellow cosplayers from different countries, and experience new cultures!

Godot - Ace Attorney (Photo by Blue Potion Photography)

Photo by: Blue Potion Photography

Sinbad - Magi The Labyrinth of Magic (Photo by Midgard Photography) (3)_SMALL

Photo by: Midgard Photography


Photo by: Calssara

Shura - Ragnarok Online (Photo by Midgard Photography)_SMALL

Photo by: Midgard Photography

Vash The Stampede - Trigun (Photo by Jacob Åberg) 3

Photo by: Jacob Åberg

Mihawk & Perona - One Piece (Photo by Askar Ibragimov) Calssara as Perona (2)

Photo by: Askar Ibragimov (Calssara as Perona)