Founded in 2012 by a passionate artist, Onirium Studios finally became an official company in the end of 2015, going from a hobby and a passion to a business. Our creed is to push back the limits of what is possible, making the impossible possible through hard, detailed and thorough work. Whether it is by carefully choosing our material, by designing original creations, all of it using only elbow grease and our own vision, Onirium Studios will deliver you a unique product. What we offer, to both private or professional customers, are quality products. All of our work is carefully made and functional, suited to anyone’s need and taste since it is uniquely tailored and handmade. Being ourselves experienced role-players, LARP-ers, and just generally costumes enthusiasts, we know what it means to wear one for days. We use our experience and our expertise to counsel you and guide you towards a finished product that will fulfill your expectations, both aesthetically and functionally.
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10. Dezember 2018

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