Misch.Axel , cosplayer, model, wig stylist and make-up artist.

He is known the most for his Noctis cosplay, he worked for Square Enix (FFXV) , Bandai Namco and Riot Games, during their promotional game events and game launches. A master in wig styling, he turned his hobby into his job, with a lot of passion, dedication and hard work, he actually sended his wigs all over the world.

He loves to make cosplay transformations, and you can barely recognize him when he does! Cosplay allows him not only to transform his appearence, with a costume, a wig and make-up, but even facial expressions, body size and attitude! His skills have been noticed on a movie set, where he was the key makeup artist, and he was hired to organize a tour of events for Wasama that involved many other artists under his direction, and where he could try his abilities as a performer. Axel is making his costumes on his own, especially the last ones, but he doesn't despise purchased or sponsored costumes.

Two time finalist in a worldwide competition ''Iron Wig'' about wig styling and winner of different cosplay competitions, he was invited to make workshops and expositions to several events, he likes to help the cosplay community on his youtube channel too, making tutorials and make-up explanations. Check out his socials to see more or to find some tips.

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10. Dezember 2018

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