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Hi there, I am Jasmin aka Faerie Blossom, a 23-year-old cosplayer from Germany. At work I am caring for the sick and injured since I am a nurse in hospital but in my freetime I go nuts with makeup and costumes. ;) I really love dressing up, no matter if costumes or fashion, I have a big passion for makeup and 'painting my face', selfies and social media and I just love visiting conventions in cosplay with my friends. My favorite part about cosplaying is actually being able to change into the character that I want to portray and give my best possible image of them. Also I love cosplay photoshoots since that's the best way possible to frame my interpretation of the characters I cosplay, in general I really enjoy modelling and photoshootings a damn lot, also this has been a big part of my life even before I started cosplaying ;) I love sharing my creations/creativity with others and that's what makes me happy about this hobby! I am able to turn into whatever character I wish and I can give the character my own interpretation.
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19 December 2017

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