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Hey, I'm Anissa, Cosplayer, Streamer and Fulltime Idiot! Since 2012 I am living my biggest passion: Cosplay! And in 2016 I even discovered a new one, streaming. There isn't much to know about me: I love Videogames, especially the Legend of Zelda Series. And I love Anime, especially the ones with a lot of Ecchi or a lot of Romance...or both. I'm one of the people who never really felt like belonging somewhere, but since I got into the Cosplay Community, I didn't only got to know a ton of awesome people, but I just discovered something that for once really filled my heart with love and joy and was so much fun! In the beginning my Costumes consisted of 90% hot glue, duct tape and really cheap wigs that I sewed myself from wool. Today I am actually managing it to keep the hotglue/ducttape to costume ratio relatively low, but I am by far no professional! I just really hope to meet a lot of new and old faces at EpicCon, see you there, Anissa (..but please call me Anni, okay?) ❤
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19 December 2017

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