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Juliana Tsukino or Ju Tsukino is a famous name in the Cosplay / Otaku / Geek communit . She has been cosplayer since 2004 and since then she have more than 200 costumes over the years ranging from anime, mangas, games and sci fi. She was born in Brazil but now lives in London / UK. The girl is part of the Brazilian cosplay history and with great notoriety throughout the world, as all cosplayers in the world, she began as anime and manga fan and soon discovered the art of characterizing and of course she chose as his first cosplay your favorite hero Sailor Moon. Since the beginning has always stood out for their skills in the construction of their costumes, participated of many championships in Brazil and won numerous awards, not long before the Brazilian events realize their presence and soon came the invitations to be judge of competitions, lectures and workshops. The public has always loved his charismatic and entertaining presence. Of course, the complexity and the quality of their cosplays only grown over the years and it was there that the international career began. The first convention outside the country was the TNT in Mexico. And the audience just went crazy with the girl. Since then she has traveled the world and spread joy and fun wherever she goes. She has been invited to: Brazil, Mexico, UK, Chile, Colombia, Austria, Argentina, Germany, France, Poland,Italy, Turkey, and the list is growing more and more, just follow their social networks to find the next trip of the girl. But of course it is not just a pretty face (LOL) In addition to the lectures, and judge cosplay, she also teaches a workshop about creation and tipst for cosplay construction. It has a channel on YouTube which shows in detail in videos some clothing. It also has a vlog about general things and the geek world. I forgot something ??? Ahh, she has also been the presenter host of some events in Brazil, versatile! Haha It has also confirmed its presence on TV in several stations to spread a bit of cosplay culture, the videos also participated in several interviews and materials for newspapers and magazines, you can check this and more on your site. Want to know more? View photos and videos on the quality of your work ??
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19 December 2017

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