Christian Gschweng

I'm a cosplayer, latex designer and photographer. I started photography and most of all cosplay photography in 2015, after finally deciding to take pictures of my costumes on my own. It was always my dream to get pictures visualized of my heroes and those characters, that fascinate me in my favorite games, TV-shows or comics. Characters with special powers, distinctive behaviors and moods, those require a special treatment, if it comes to photography. Light does play an important role in that, which is why I take the time to develope a unique setup for each cosplayer, I decide to shoot with at a convention. These cosplayers usually share my passion for a specific character, game or show. They have spend countless hours (or days, weeks, months) with this character in a fictional world or binge watched how they went through wars, love and life. This connection is required, in my opinion, to get the best out of a photo with a specific character.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisGschwengPhoto/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christian.gschweng/
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10. Dezember 2018

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